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The Shoe

That Grows

Light A Life has partnered with Because International. Their The Shoe That Grows has gained national attention. This shoe will expand 5 sizes, lasts 5 years and will protect the feet of children from blisters, illnesses, and disease. The Shoe That Grows is the shoe that changes lives. Learn more from this video.


Clean Burning

Efficient Cookstove

Millions of people cook with open flame kitchens, but with deadly consequences. Traditional cooking pits require a dependence on charcoal which furthers deforestation as well as producing deadly fumes. These clean burning, fuel efficient stoves provide cleaner air in the home and reduce the impact on the need for charcoal. You can learn more from this National Geographic article. The solution is a Clean Burning Cookstove.

Village Water

Filtration System

Water in Guatemala is highly contaminated and dangerous to drink. We aim to change that. Water filtration systems can be installed and serve entire communities. You can help us stave off infection, disease, and parasites. Learn more about the dangers lurking in Guatemalan water.



Hard Floored

Family Home

Many Guatemalan families live in dilapidated shacks. These homes provide little shelter from storms and the elements. Your donation will vastly improve the living conditions for a family in need.  


Chaya Plant

The Chaya plant grows abundantly in Guatemala. This Mayan Miracle Food, also known as Mayan Spinach, is said to:

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Help digestion

  • Improve vision

  • Prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoids

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Help reduce weight

  • Prevent coughs

  • Augment calcium in the bones

  • Decongest and disinfect the lungs

  • Prevent anemia

  • Improve memory and brain function

  • Combat arthritis

  • Improve glucose metabolism and prevent diabetes

Additionally, just five leaves a day from a Chaya plant can supply much needed nutrition​ to those who have gone without. 

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